"Stop Wasting Time Pitching "Family MAMBAS" To Fund Your Dreams and Ideas...Or Begging Banks (EEEW!)...OR Panhandling Your Dignity Away On Social Media"

Discover How To Start ANY Business On Earth –Without Capital, Family Members...Or Suffocating Bank Loans


In This Short Read,
You'll Discover...

  • Timeless principles you always knew, but never saw in this way...
  • Real-Life Examples of how shockingly effective these strategies are...
  • And a Couple Cool Ideas I use till date -AND you can start using tonight.
This book will change YOUR life!

Who The Hell Is This Guy Anyway?

I'm just some guy who hates asking people for things -especially when they use the opportunity to torture me with questions, delays and failed promises.

I hate to be at the mercy of a person's reigning emotion.

And so I made a way for myself.
My name is Waju.

And though I live in the US these days, I am originally from a shithole country. It was back there I learned to not need capital for business.

I've built multiple businesses over the years, and Ihave taken a couple to multiple 6-figures.

But that's not special. Every guru and their chihuahua will tell you the same.

What's special with me is that I started all these businesses without capital, or begging Aunt B, or those painful bank loans.

What is more?

A couple of folks I've shown this method have also made at least $1,000,000 by applying the wisdom.

That's why I'm releasing this book again in its 4th Edition since 2009.
Listen, you get to know me even better once you're signed up to my list. I've got so much to share that could improve your business and life.

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